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Catering in Pisa and province for events and wedding ceremonies with personalized menus, even for foreigners who decide to get married in Tuscany!

Choose your theme, tell me your every wish and I will build various menu proposals: meat, fish, vegetarian…  from the simplest to the most refined, all strictly faithful to your personality and never neglecting the taste and originality of each dish.

Booking the catering service in time, is the useful advice!

Catering Pisa prices and solutions suitable for every type of event, from the most sought after to the most traditional.



What do we do?

We cater for weddings and receptions of all kinds, carried out with extreme care and professionalism.
First we inspect the location chosen by the customer, in order to know the characteristics and identify the various points where to carry out the reception.

You can choose between fantastic locations or opt for a reception at your home, where we will go with all the staff.  We define the menu following and proposing various solutions and taking into account the preferences of the customer.

This phase is followed by the tasting of the menu, to which we can make changes and we can customize it according to the choice of customers. We also offer menus for people with intolerances or special needs, just let us know in time to provide alternative solutions.

Then we move on to the choice of furniture, an important phase, to identify where to place the various islands of the buffet and how to arrange the tables. To make everything even more original, we propose installations and scenographies in line with the requests of the spouses and that are more inspired by the theme of the event. Our perfect organization is the absolute guarantee of the success of the reception!


We employ qualified staff to make perfect our catering for receptions. The warm and discreet welcome reserved for guests is a detail not to be underestimated, which immediately catches the eye and allows each guest to feel immediately at ease.

Confident that only experienced and competent staff can guarantee an impeccable service, we have employees with a strong predisposition to work in teams, from the kitchen brigade to the room staff.

Always ready to provide explanations and details on the dishes prepared by the chef and his collaborators, as well as offering a high level of service, our staff is able to juggle with ease even in the presence of a large number of guests.

Careful to control anything that happens around, both during the buffet and during the menu served in the room, the staff monitors and operates with speed and care, taking care of the tables and replenishing the trays with dishes, but at the same time paying attention to the cleanliness and presentation of dishes.

For us the staff is the heart of any event and thanks to its professionalism we can guarantee the success of weddings and other types of receptions.

the menu

The great variety of menus, from the simplest to the most refined, can satisfy any taste and palate. All the dishes proposed in our menu are made with genuine raw materials of the highest quality, prerogative that is the basis of any dish proposed by the Chef.

The menu is very rich and usually we start with a buffet of aperitif and appetizers, arranged on several islands, on which are arranged seafood products, raw meats, cheeses, grilled meat and fish, and much more.

Guests are welcomed in this area where there are several islands, so as to be easily accessible to guests, who can use and be served by experienced staff. The dishes are carefully arranged to create a unique and inimitable vision for the eye and palate.

After the buffet, we proceed with the beginning of the placèe dinner, which provides seating for all guests, previously assigned during the composition of the tables. The dinner consists of 3 courses, consisting of two first courses a second with side dishes.

The professionalism with which the reception is organized, the slow and pleasant rhythms, and the atmosphere of conviviality that is created, are all important elements to put guests at ease, who find themselves chatting and entertaining, maybe with good background music.


Much attention we devote to the moment of the cake. To make it magical and original, we set up a table that is in line with the theme of the event and on which we will present the wedding cake and, if the bride and groom prefer it, accompany it with a buffet of fresh fruit and small pastry.

The cake can be made according to the inspirations of the bride and groom, to more floors, and with more tastes, according to preferences.

Any desire can be fulfilled thanks to the skill of master pastry chefs able to create real masterpieces.

In addition to the wedding cake, we also offer many other types of cakes mignon, assorted pastry, desserts, small desserts and many delicacies to enrich the table of desserts.

In this way, offering many different flavors, everyone present will be able to satisfy any delicacy and taste different types of sweets.

Our delights are spectacular and irresistible, and just looking at them makes your mouth water.

After Dinner

At the end of the dinner we delight guests by serving coffee and liqueurs in a cozy and well-structured corner. It is the care of our staff to make sure that they are meeting the requests of the guests, who may prefer coffee or some other liqueur of their choice, perhaps a bitter, indicated after an abundant menu.

A magnificent alternative is the so-called American Bar, a kind of open bar that we propose to surprise guests, who have at their disposal a wider variety of drinks to choose from and can taste their favorite one.

The service is carried out by professionals of open bar and guests can find super alcohol, cocktails and even a wide selection of beers.

The American Bar option is perfect for creating harmony between guests and you just need to review what they prefer to include the right drinks, trying to meet even those who do not drink alcohol.

The price can be calculated taking into account a maximum number of drinks per person or depending on the duration of the service.

Thanks to our experience we can advise you how to organize this moment to meet the expectations of the guests and make it perfect!


Giovanni Fiorentini PESONAL CHEF offers delivery service for lunch or dinner.

The dishes are delivered in special food containers ready to be heated in the oven or microwave.

Catering Do you have any doubts?

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions of customers who access our services Pisa catering

Of course, before the event “catering” we organize for future spouses a free menu trial.

The catering service includes the provision of food, drinks and staff. On request we can provide an all-inclusive service including locations, equipment, etc…

Of course, we have various facilities selected for you to visit to organize wonderful receptions and organize our catering service.

With our trusted pastry chef we can make any kind of wedding cake and include it in the catering service.

Generally for a catering service I ask to have confirmation of the event at least 2 months before the event.

Prices of catering services vary according to requests. Once the offer has been agreed, I request an advance of the total amount to confirm the booking of the catering service.

Do you want a budget catering Pisa and province for your wedding or ceremony?

Fill in the next FORM and enter all the data!

Once checked the availability for the selected date we fix an appointment, even by phone, and tell me about your project.

Together we will realize an event tailored to your needs and your guests!

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